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The Traditional Maltese Village Feast

The Traditional Maltese Festa in its present form emerged from the 19th century through the fusion of a number of existing traditions that harked back to many years. 400 years ago, the Festa had been a small affair with a rustic character organized mainly through benefactors who distributed wine and food among the people attending the religious ceremonies or to the poor people of the village. By the 18th century, small mortars (known as maskli) were being fired and flags were hired to decorate the festive areas.Music was provided by small groups of musicians who enlivened the festive atmosphere. Church services had by now developed into a grander affair with musicians and singers being part of the celebrations. By the 19th and early 20th centuries, most individual parishes had their own Church music written especially for the annual feast celebrations.

Date of Inscription: 25 September 2019

Reference: 03/2019

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