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The drafting and making of a Maltese traditional wooden boat

Until few deacades ago, this traditional boat was used for transportation of goods and to embark and disembark pilots from larger vessels in the harbour. Nowadays, they are used for transportation within the harbour and Sliema area (Balklori). Also used for fishing and for sports activities such as the ‘Regatta’. The Maltese Traditional Boat is made from different types of wood and the normal size of the boat is 21 feet (6.4 metres). Making of a traditional boat includes the drafting of a sketch according to the requirements and wooden parts cut according to sketch.An old-style method ofwood bending is used, using traditional tools as ‘Majjieri’ and ‘Stamnari’ with the help of steam. Traditional methods are used to assemble the boat completely.

Date of Inscription: 22 August 2019

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