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Sea Salt Harvesting

The Maltese Salt Pans are unique and are passed on through family generations. Salt production is seasonal and occurs in Summer. Rock dug large squarish holes or pans, are filled with sea water and after an amount of days, water is tranferred to smaller and shallower pans, from where salt is recovered upon drying by the sun. The pans have technical referral names such as ‘iċ-ċatta’ (the shallow), ‘taċ-ċagħaq’ (the one with the pebbles), ‘tat-toqba’ (the one with the hole), ‘l-imgħawġa’ (the twisted one) and il-ġdida (the new one). There are many traditional tools that are used as ‘xkupa tal-lanżit’ (hard wire brush), ‘id-dugħ’ (wooden flat tool to lift salt from pans), ‘il-ħatar’ (wooden stick to balance and carry a load) and ‘pompi’ (pumps).

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