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Il-Ftira, the culinary art and culture of flattened sourdough bread in Malta

Ftira is a small sourdough bread commonly consumed in the Maltese archipelago. Maltese people eat filled ftira regularly as a daily snack or light meal, or as an appetiser in band clubs, restaurants or bars. Bread plays a fundamental role in Maltese historical consciousness and forms an integral part of the Maltese cultural tradition. Despite the modern changing eating habits and a drop in the local per capita consumption of bread; the Maltese still consider themselves to be mainly ‘bread eaters’.

Element was nominated to the Representative List of UNESCO and is currently shortlisted in

Files 2020 under process, which are to be examined by the UNESCO Committee at its fifteenth session in November/December 2020.

Date of Inscription: 20 June 2018

Reference: 01/2018

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