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On March 7, 2017, the Maltese Parliament ratified the 2003 UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, or ICH. Malta has recognised the importance of establishing consultative mechanisms to coordinate activities aimed at implementing the Convention and to ensure that communities, groups and individuals who wish to safeguard their ICH, can be consulted and assisted where needed by government agencies and other stakeholders such as NGOs and research institutes. The Minister responsible for Culture in Malta has thus nominated a National Intangible Cultural Heritage Board to assist in implementing the Convention.


The Board consists of 5 Members and a Chairperson, the current board members are: 

Mr Frank Zammit – Chairman

Mr Mario Azzopardi - Member

Dr David Camilleri – Member

Mr Kenneth Gambin – Member

Mr Joseph Magro Conti – Member

Mr Karl Parnis - Member

Mr Christian Sammut - Member

Members Biographies 

Mr Frank Zammit - Chairman


Frank Zammit is a career banker with thirty years’ experience in the sector. He occupies the headship of Business Development and Foreign Representative Offices at BOV plc.  In the past he also worked at the European Commission in Brussels and was also Deputy Chairman of the Employment and Training Corporation in Malta. Presently, he is also a member in the National Geoparks Consultative Commission and also chairs the Intangible National Heritage Commission. He is also an avid follower of Vatican affairs and way back he authored and directed four televised documentaries on Vaticanology. Mr Zammit also published two books on Pope St John Paul II. On the 13th December 2018 he presented his credentials to Pope Francis as Malta’s Ambassador to the Holy See.

Mr Mario Azzopardi


Mario Azzopardi is currently the Director for Culture. Since 2009, he occupied the positions of Director for Lifelong Learning and Director Corporate Services within two Ministries. As Director for Lifelong Learning, he was instrumental in introducing different scholarship schemes at Masters, Doctoral and Post-Doctoral.  He also designed scholarships aimed at specific areas, such as the Arts, Sports and the IT sector. Furthermore, Mario Azzopardi developed new programmes to attract more adult participation in lifelong learning. As Director of Culture, he is tasked among other duties with the implementation of the 2003 UNESCO Convention on Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage in Malta.

Dr David Camilleri

Dr David Camilleri is a lawyer by profession.  He attended De La Salle College and subsequently graduated in law from the University in Malta in 1995.  He immediately joined an established law firm and has worked in litigation ever since.  He has also served on a number of tribunals.  For the past four years he has also been a member of the committee of management of the Casino Maltese, which club organises many cultural activities, and is currently the Honoury Secretary of the Club. 

Mr Kenneth Gambin


Born in 1973, Kenneth Gambin read History at the University of Malta, where he focused on the effect of the Inquisition on Maltese religious culture. Since 1992 he has been actively involved in the museums field in Malta, as a student, volunteer, teacher, curator, chief curator, chief executive officer, and presently occupies the post of chief operations officer with Heritage Malta. He has published extensively on the Inquisition and on some aspects of Maltese popular culture.

Mr Joseph Magro Conti


Joseph Magro Conti has a BA (Hons) in Archaeology form the University of Malta, has a PG Certificate in Heritage Management and Conservation from Universita del Mediterraneo (La Sapienza, Rome), and a Masters Degree in Heritage Management from the University of York.   Joseph has 35 years experience in the field of heritage management and archaeology starting as a volunteer in various organisations, with 25 years at the Planning Authority occupying various managerial posts.  For the past year Joseph assumed the post as the Superintendent of Cultural Heritage, which is the national agency regulating the field of heritage and is leading its restructuring.  Joseph has been instrumental in inventorying and protecting various heritage sites in the Maltese Islands, including use of GIS, facilitating development led heritage related processes, promoting heritage awareness in the media, as well as lecturing and publishing in Malta and abroad.

Mr Karl Parnis


Karl Parnis graduated in the year 2000 in B. Ed hons from the University of Malta. After working for several years as a teacher in a number of secondary schools, he also served as an Assistant Head of School. Today, Karl’s post is within the   Delap section which forms of the Ministry of Education which duties involve the writing of specific programmes accredited on applied topics. Programmes which Karl worked extensively on include subjects of Gilding (Induratura), Clay Sculpture Modelling, Jewellery, Upholstery and Tile Laying. These programmes all lead up to MQF level 3. In addition, to the mentioned posts, Karl currently deals with the writing of workshops relating to art and crafts which, in the near future, will be offered at the Learning Centre at the Crafts Village of Ta’ Qali, which project is also being projected by the Ministry of Education, Development and Employment.  Karl also served for a considerable number of years in various committees relating to Football, Feasts and Bocci wherein his roles and appointments included: Cashier, Secretary-President.  A particular interest worth mentioning are the traditions and cultures which make the Maltese people who they are today.  Currently also reading a Masters in Maltese Studies at the University Of Malta.

Mr Christian Sammut


Christian Sammut studied Management and Leadership. He was elected in the Hamrun Local Council for the past four elections and is the local Mayor since 2015. He distinguished himself for organizing large events, promoting traditional aspects and working on large infrastructure projects including urban greening. From an early age he was involved in different voluntary organisations where he is renowned for the results obtained and also for his dedication. He worked for leading Maltese companies and also worked in their foreign offices in Russia and Turkey.  He attended several international seminars on various subjects. He has a special interest in Maltese traditions and heritage conservation.

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